If you’re using Google Tag Manager to manage tags for your website and want to install the Facebook pixel, follow these steps:


Installing the Facebook pixel basic code:

  1. Open your Google Tag Manager.
  2. Select your website’s container, then click Add a new tag.
  3. Give the Tag a title in the top left of the panel. 
  4. Click on Tag Configuration.
  5. Choose Custom HTML Tag from the list of tag types.
  6. Go to your Facebook pixel page.
  7. Select Setup > Install Pixel in the top right of screen.
  8. Choose “Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself”
  9. Copy the entire pixel code in option 2, as seen below.
  10. Go back to Google Tag Manager and paste the code into the HTML container.
  11. Click on Advanced Settings and select Once per page under Tag firing options.
  12. In the Triggers panel, choose to fire on All Pages.
  13. Save the tag
  14. Back on the overview page, choose to Publish your changes.