WordPress Maintenance

The WordPress platform is extremely versatile. From simple one page websites, online stores or what it was originally intended for, a personal blog. When it comes to content manage systems it is by far the easiest to manage.

But. It can be demanding!

WordPress security updates, plugin updates, back-ups and theme updates.. it all takes time and effort and occasionally things can break. That’s where a maintenance plan from Aldinga Media can help you get on with more important things and leave us with the nitty gritty.

let’s discuss how a WordPress Maintenance Plan from Aldinga Media work for you.

You might have just installed WordPress for the first time and you’re pretty happy and confident with you results. Everything is simple, intuitive, and you’re on your way publishing great content. Or You have just had a website built for you on the WordPress platform. Looks great, performs great and the developer has handed you the keys to keep it running!

Then unexpected things start happening.

At first, it’s just one plugin needing an update. Then another. Next, your theme is out of date. If it’s Divi it’s daily! Finally, the WordPress platform itself needs to be updated. The first update doesn’t go so well, and now you have errors.

Now you start wondering if you need to backup your website – after all, you’ve invested valuable time and/or money into your site. You don’t want to end up with a completely broken website and needing to reach out to a tech to try regain order in your site. This can be costly and time consuming. Time you don’t have if you run an online store.

That’s why we’ve put together some simple plans to make WordPress maintenance easy and effective.

Automatic Back Ups

Using our remote mangament tool, we will run regular scheduled backups of your site and store them safely and securely in Google Drive.

Wordpress Updates

WordPress makes serveral small revisions each year and usually one major update. These updates are a mix of usability & perfomance updates and security fixes.

Advanced Security Plugin

Depending on the type of website, you may require stronger than usual security to minise login attempts and malision attacks. We will apply a plugin to combat these threats.

Automatic Updates

Using our remote management tool, we will apply important security updates and plugin updates as they become available. 


Vulnerability Checker

Our tools will alert us immedately when there is a high priority update which will patch a security threat to your site. We can then quickly apply the updates required.


Site Speed Check

If we think your site is performing slow, we will optimise all images for faster load times, remove bloat code and possibly apply caching tools to increase overall speed.

If your website was not designed by Aldinga Media, we may choose to charge a once off $250 setup fee. Not all web designers and developers are the same. We may need to get our head around the way your site works and is put together.

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