G Suite Updates

Use Smart Fill to help automate data entry in Google Sheets

What’s changing We’re launching Smart Fill for Google Sheets, which detects and learns patterns between columns to intelligently autocomplete data entry. For example, if you have a column of full names, you may want to split it into a column with first names and a...

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Changes to Google Chat migration timeline

In an effort to make the migration process as easy as possible, we just announced that we’re extending the timeline Google Workspace and G Suite for Education customers have to migrate from classic Hangouts to Google Chat.In June, we introduced the Chat preferred...

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Use the Count API to estimate Vault API export sizes

Quick launch summary We’re adding a Count API to the Vault API. The Count API enables you to see the number of messages, files, or other data items that match a search query. You can use the number of items to estimate the size of the export, and then choose to...

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New default video playback option in Google Slides

Quick launch summary We’re updating the default way videos play when you present in Google Slides. Now, the video will start playing when you click to advance the presentation. Previously, the presenter had to specifically click on the video to start playing. With...

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New look and feel for the Google Meet Android mobile app

Quick launch summaryWe’re updating the user interface (UI) of the Google Meet Android mobile apps. The new mobile UI will have the same look and feel as that of the meeting experience in the Gmail app and was previously rolled out to the Meet app on iOS.Check out the...

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Use new APIs to understand and audit group memberships

What’s changing We’re launching new APIs in beta to help better identify, audit, and understand indirect group membership (also known as ‘transitive’ or ‘nested’ group membership, see explanation below). The indirect membership visibility, membership hierarchy, and...

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Lock files via the Google Drive API to prevent content edits

What’s changing You can now add and remove content restrictions via the Drive API. By using the new ContentRestriction API, any file type in Drive can be “locked,” preventing changes to the item’s content, title, and comments.  Content restrictions can be added or...

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Dial into Google Meet from eight additional markets

Quick launch summaryWe’ve added dial-in phone numbers for eight additional countries to Google Meet:ChileGuatemalaHong KongIsraelJapanMexicoPeruTrinidad & TobagoCheck out the Help Center for a full list of available countries.Getting startedAdmins: This feature...

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Filter out disruptive noise in Google Meet

Quick launch summary To help limit interruptions to your meeting, Google Meet can now intelligently filter out background noise like keyboard typing, doors opening and closing, and construction outside your window. Cloud-based AI is used to remove noise from your...

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Use Google Voice and Google Fi, now with the same account

Quick launch summaryGoogle Voice now works with Google Fi, so you can have separate Fi and Voice numbers on the same Google account. This means you can use different numbers for different purposes, like one for family and friends and one for work. When you set up...

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