Quick launch summary

Starting June 3, 2020, the calendar IDs associated with newly created secondary calendars and resources will have a new format. In the new format, your G Suite account’s domain name will not be included in secondary or resource calendar IDs.

  • The existing email format for calendar resources is the following: {customer domain}_{random characters}@resource.calendar.google.com
  • The format for secondary calendars is the following: {customer domain}_{random characters}@group.calendar.google.com
  • The new format for newly created calendar resources will be the following: {random characters}@resource.calendar.google.com
  • The new format for newly created secondary calendars will be the following: {random characters}@group.calendar.google.com

This change is only cosmetic and no Google Calendar functionality is affected because of it. However, if you maintain a script that parses/extracts the domain name from Resource/Secondary Calendar IDs, please update your scripts to ensure they continue to work following this change.

Rollout pace


  • Available to all G Suite customers