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Two improvements to new Sites footers

What’s changing We’re making two changes to footers in new Google Sites. Specifically, we’re:Removing the current footer appended at the bottom of all new Sites, which contains “Made with new Google Sites…” language and the “Create a site” button. Adding the ability...

Choose your videoconferencing option on Jamboard by June 30

What’s changing Starting on May 13th, you can choose whether or not to enable an enhanced Jamboard videoconferencing experience with Hangouts Meet on Jamboard devices. If you don't configure your boards to enable or disable this feature by June 30th, your boards will...

Three new features to format and work with data in Sheets

What’s changing We’re introducing three new features that will help you clean up and work with your data in Sheets. These features are: Remove duplicates Trim whitespace Compatible spreadsheet shortcuts Who’s impacted End usersWhy you’d use them Remove duplicates: A...


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