Quick launch summary

We’ve expanded our font offerings for Thai users in Docs, Sheets, and Slides by adding several fonts that are part of the Thai “National Fonts” collection. This collection of fonts has been distributed and used by the Government of Thailand as public and official fonts since 2007. We updated the collection so that it could be part of Google Fonts in 2019.

The complete list of new fonts is below:

  • Bai Jamjuree 
  • Chakra Petch 
  • Charm 
  • Charmonman 
  • Fah Kwang 
  • K2D 
  • KoHo 
  • Kodchasan 
  • Krub 
  • Mali 
  • Niramit 
  • Sarabun 
  • Srisakdi 

These updated fonts are now available in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with modern OpenType technology, expanded weights and more harmonious designs between Latin and Thai scripts.

These fonts will be made default in the drop down menu for users who have their Google language preference set as Thai.

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Available to all G Suite Editions.

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